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In 1911, only 4003 Belgians were present in the colony. Few Belgians felt inclined to move to the colony. This alarmed the Belgian colonial authorities. Furthermore, not all Belgians had the ideal profile of a colonist. In order to avoid problems, there was a desire not to attract 'poor whites'. On the other hand the authorities feared a concentration of nationalities. For instance many Italians settled in the Kivu region. In Katanga there was a large influx of English people. It was only after the Secodn World War that the number of Belgian rose spectacularly. Indeed, their number tripled between 1945 and 1955. (Figures from VANTHEMSCHE G., Congo. De impact van de kolonie op België, Lannoo, Tielt, 2007, p. 274-275.). Letter of the Minister of Colonies, mister Renkin, to the Minister of Justice, mister Carton de Wiart, about attracting young Belgians to the colony, 1911.
NAB, Archives Carton de Wiart, no. 106.