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A decree from 1910 stipulated a prohibition of travel in the colony. Evolués thus had no contact with each other and remained isolated. This was a measure to prevent national uprisings and rebellious movements. A delegation of Congolese évolués was allowed to travel to Belgium and visit Expo 58. For the first time, like-minded évolués came together. They discovered the same grievances, needs and dreams. In Belgium they also saw white people carrying out work that was only done by Congolese in the colony. Some whites were even homeless! For fear of a reissue of the Algerian guerilla war, King Baudouin for the first time actually spoke about independence of the Belgian colony after the riots in Leopoldville (Kinshasa) in January 1959. Invitation to the festivities for the Congolese independence, 1960.
NAB, Collection Belgian overseas expansion, no. 85.